3 Reasons Why Your Plumbing Company Should Become a Nu Flow Technologies Licensee

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If your plumbing company is looking to make some serious dollars you might want to put some thought into becoming a part of the Trenchless Technology industry - it is booming! What’s causing this boom? Aging pipe systems!  $300 billion is expected to be invested in America’s sewer systems in the next 20 years alone. [...]

What Everyone Ought to Know about Nu Flow Technologies Pipe Renewal Rebate Program

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It’s no secret that North America’s piping infrastructure has grown old. It’s all over the news. US Congressional bills such as the PIPE ACT 2016 and the Water Resources Development ACT (WRDA) have brought to light the serious repercussions of aged pipeline incidents such as the contaminated lead water in Flint, Michigan. Pipe leaks and [...]

Why Do CIPP Certifications Matter?

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NSF International and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) are probably organizations you’ve heard of – but know little about. In the pipe lining industry, you’ll see materials labeled or companies claiming to be certified NSF SE 13004 and ASTM standard F-1743 or ASTM 1216. These are just a few of the certifications a [...]

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