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About NuFlow Technologies

NuFlow 4c About UsFounded in Canada in 1998, NuFlow’s initial focus was on manufacturing and installing patented and proprietary trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions primarily targeting single-family residences.

After recognizing the need for small-diameter lining, NuFlow as founded and a new methodology for a “sleeve within a sleeve” lining to deliver a liner with an internal bladder to damaged drain and sewage lines and pipes was created. The second key patent, granted in 2005, protects NuFlow’s presence “inside the building” by providing the ability to line around multiple bends which is very important given the pipe architecture within a building.

In 2001, NuFlow began contracting its technology to third party entities (mainly plumbing companies), growing from 10 Contractors in 2001 to 250 by 2008. NuFlow supports its Contractors by providing initial and ongoing training, supplying installation equipments and epoxy as well as providing on-site job support for complex jobs.

In 2006, NuFlow acquired American Pipe Lining, Inc. (APL) and expanded its product lines to include technology for the rehabilitation of potable pipes and mechanical systems through a pressurized air delivery system. APL introduced this technology which was developed by the U.S. Navy to repair potable water, fire suppression and other critical pipe systems, where buildings (or vessels) cannot be readily disassembled. This new acquisition immediately expanded NuFlow’s capability to include both non-pressurized and pressurized systems, creating a comprehensive product portfolio that could meet nearly any client need.

Today, NuFlow Technologies manufactures, installs and distributes cost-effective, green re-pipe alternatives and no-dig solutions, including epoxy coatings for potable water lines and mechanical systems, and structural liners for drain lines.

NuFlow has continued to be ‘household name’ for contractors, property owners, property managers, engineers and building owners across the globe.

We are the only pipe lining company to manufacture all of our own epoxies, lining materials and certain specialty installation equipment. NuFlow Technologies is the manufacturing and distributing branch that provides our Contractors with high-quality materials needed to solve customers’ inside-infrastructure problems.

Thanks to an extensive resume spanning across the department of defense, government, commercial, industrial, multi-family, healthcare and historical properties, the NuFlow brand has gained recognition, substantial growth, and longevity.

Become a part of the NuFlow legacy today and experience the benefits of an established, growing brand in a thriving international industry.

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