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NuFlow 4c Partner Program Overview
nu flow partner program Partner Program Overview

Starting up with little or no capital?

No capital outlay for municipal contractors required. Includes enough materials to recover costs.

Some technicians have made the decision to become installers because they want to run their own businesses. Others are interested in expanding an existing business with pipe lining technologies, or simply want to expand their pipe line offerings.

No matter what your motivation is, becoming a NuFlow Installer will open up many new possibilities—for service offerings, efficiency, and revenue.

With more than 300 worldwide licensees installing our pipe lining solutions every day, NuFlow is experienced in helping licensees increase their service offerings and build revenue smoothly and easily while providing assistance and support along the way.

Become a licensee today. Get started now.

Kits Include:

  • Lining tools
  • Material & resins
  • One week of on-site training (expenses included)
  • Protected territory license agreement
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Training educational seminars on CIPP
  • Sectional or full length lining capabilities – launch from a typical clean-out and stop and start anywhere in the line
  • New release updates
  • Marketing support
  • Tender and municipal approval support
  • Job consultation
  • Preferred vendor discounts

Partnership Types


NuFlow Distributors are key members of our worldwide operations and enjoy the benefits of the growing trenchless technology industry as well as the success of partnering with a leader in the industry.

To learn more about Distributor opportunities, contact our Corporate Headquarters.

Drain Partner

nuflow contractor 200px Partner Program OverviewOur drain partners use the NuFlow NuDrain System to rehabilitate aged and failing sewer, drain, vent and waste piping. Most sewer/drain lining and reinstatements can be done without digging.

We also provide our drain partners technology to spot repair laterals as well as mainline sewers.

Our drain partners are able to offer lining systems that can be launched through cleanouts and can fix problems anywhere in the line, at any length.

All of our products are measured using A.S.T.M standards.

Give us a call to set your company up in the trenchless industry today.

Potable Partner

nuflow contractor 200px Partner Program OverviewNuFlow’s Potable Partners are certified to use our Nu Line System to rehabilitate aged and failing clean water, compressed air and mechanical pipe systems.

Many potable partners enjoy the ease of installment, since lining can be completed without opening up floors, walls or ceilings.  NuFlow’s lining systems can be launched through existing access points, enabling you to control where the epoxy coating moves throughout the pipe system.

This epoxy is safe for drinking water applications and all of our products are measured using A.S.T.M standards.