NuFlow Welcomes VP of Product Development

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NuFlow Welcomes VP of Product Development Furthers commitment to developing new technologies for pipe lining industry San Diego, February 16, 2021 – NuFlow Technologies is pleased to welcome Jim Foresi as NuFlow’s Vice President of Product Development. Tom Bowman, President of NuFlow Technologies said, “We’re delighted to welcome Jim to the NuFlow team. His expertise [...]

NuFlow Technologies Welcomes Chile Certified Contractor

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GLEMFLOW, a leading infrastructure rehabilitation company in Chile recently expanded to include inside building pipe rehabilitation by becoming a NuDrain Certified Contractor. Initial certification included three weeks on-site training in Santiago, Chile with NuFlow’s Technology Field Consultant Supervisor, Grant Duxbury. As NuFlow fosters learning and continuing education for all Certified Contractors, we welcomed GLEMFLOWto the [...]

Sewer Lining: 5 things you need to know before you start

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Sewer pipes are an important necessity for a functioning household in North America. Without sewer pipes, wastewater control would be an almost impossible concept. That is why cleaning and lining your sewer pipes is important. Lining the pipelines is imperative to increase life expectancy in the pipeline and save them from physical damages. Sewer lining [...]

Saltwater Corrosion

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Pipelines play a critical role in water efficiency and waste management. Generally, pipes are made to be restraint against water but there are circumstances when they can succumb to foreign materials. For properties close to larger bodies of water an area of concern is salt water. Water enables fast oxidation, however salt water has a [...]

Pipe Lining Material Supplier

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Small-diameter Cured-in-Place Pipe lining (CIPP) technology is a useful and economical tool manufactured by Nu Flow Technologies since 1998. As a top manufacturing company for pipe lining product, Nu Flow Technologies is a leader in being a trenchless-technology material provider for small-diameter piping and custom products. With Nu Flow’s commitment to being as convenient as [...]

Nu Flow Demonstrates Nu Line Live!

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Tom Bowman, Director of Technology, Sales & Licensing spoke to industry professionals about innovative ways to renew failing pipes without removal. In this video you will review Nu Flow Technologies Epoxy Barrier Coating system for pipes to learn how the application works.   History Behind Epoxy Barrier Coatings: Issues with removing corroded pipes [...]

How Things are Better After a Pro From the Local Trenchless Sewer Repair Service Finishes?

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If you are having trouble with your sewer pipe or drains, then you may need to hire a local professional and you will see instant results. Here are some of the ways that things are better after a pro from a local trenchless sewer repair services finishes. […]

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