CIPP Lining

For nearly 20 years, Nu Flow Technologies has engineered state-of-the-art cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining products called Nu Drain for a number of non-pressurized drain and water systems.

Trusted Across the World

Today, our propriety Nu Drain technology is licensed and used by nearly 400 mechanical and plumbing companies across 6 continents. For your peace of mind, these trenchless systems are moreover approved by ASTM International.

Our pipe lining products, including our CIPP liners, are the go-to products of choice for a range of professionals in the real estate, engineering, property management and home improvement sectors. These include board members, developers, real estate agents, municipalities and independent homeowners.

No-Dig Repairs Needed

CIPP liners facilitate trenchless repairs through our patented bladder-within-a-sleeve design, which basically simulates the inner workings of human arteries. Throughout the years since our inception, our founder has additionally designed a number of prototypes that support lining around bends and intricate piping networks throughout the building.

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Our Difference

Using the highest quality materials, we design, manufacture, and distribute all of our CIPP lining products in-house. Every product that exits our doors must first pass our strict quality control tests.


Many older homes throughout the United States feature outdated drain and stormwater systems that pose a real threat to homeowners and their neighbors. With strict zoning laws for repairing drain systems in place, most homeowners have a hard time justifying the costs and hassles to tackle such a renovation project.


With Nu Flow Technologies’ proprietary Nu Drain system, completing a trenchless repair is no longer a pipe dream. It’s a concrete reality. All sewer line renovations are isolated underground, providing fewer interruptions to daily life.

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or a contract plumbing company, our no-dig and eco-friendly solution gives you the leeway to save thousands in repair costs.

How It Works

Plumbing contractors who opt for our Nu Drain CIPP lining system will typically conduct the renovation on the surface without having to dig into the trenches. The CIPP lining product is installed at the cleanout and pulled or pushed into place inside the current pipeline.

It is a cost-effective solution that provides long-term functionality. In fact, CIPP lining is one of the most popular trenchless repair techniques used by construction workers and plumbing companies today.

Nu Flow recommends employing a professional company to complete any type of sewer or drain repair. So ask if your contractor is a Certified Nu Flow Installer first.

Key Features of CIPP Liners

  • Time and Money Savings – Keep repair costs and renovation time frames at a minimum.
  • Limited Liabilities – Protect yourself from the liability and hazards posed by open-trench construction in heavily trafficked areas.
  • Family Protection – Reduce the risks of a malfunctioning pipeline by completing speedy repairs.

Restore vs. Replace Drain Systems

To get a pipe renewal solution that is economical and practical without sacrificing function, consult a Nu Flow installer by filling out our contact form. Our installers can go over compatibility with different sized pipes and pipeline structures.