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NuLine Fire Suppression System Lining

Nu Flow 7000 epoxy is listed by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) for lining existing fire sprinkler systems in all residential and commercial applications.

Fire sprinklers that are at risk for leaks or blockages can be safely and quickly lined with Nu Flow 7000 rather than incurring the expense and inconvenience associated with replacement. A proven-safe epoxy is blown into the pipe with a proprietary technique that coats the pipe interior, a process that has been utilized for decades in potable water applications.

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Fire Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems

1. Preparing the Piping Network

Using existing connection points, the pipes are drained and dried with heated air.

2. Pipe Cleaning

Using the same compressed air, the pipes are sand blasted to remove corrosion and rust and prepare the inside of the pipes for epoxy coating.

3. Install the Epoxy

A patented two-part epoxy is mixed and blown into the pipes using compressed air. Using valves to control the process, the epoxy is spread to an even layer throughout the entire piping system.

4. Curing and Reconnection

The epoxy cures in 24 hours and the fixtures are reconnected and put back in service.

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The Nu Flow 7000 epoxy, listed as PMG-1532, is the only product recognized by ICC-ES for application on copper, black steel or galvanized sprinkler pipe from 1/2 inch to 12 inches in diameter. The ICC Fire Suppression listing process included testing samples and an assessment of Nu Flow’s quality system to ensure compliance with leading plumbing and mechanical codes and standards. This includes applicable sections of the International Fire Code®, International Building Code®, Uniform Plumbing Code®, as well as compliance with ASTM F2831-2019, ASTM D4541-2017 and ANSI/AWWA C210-2015, among others.

During testing the epoxy was subjected to extreme conditions in order to simulate conditions a sprinkler system may encounter, including temperatures ranging from 400F to -20F. Additional IFC testing exceeded 1,600F with no indication of leaking, cracking, flaking or other deformation in the lining material found. Nu Flow 7000 is manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure consistent quality now and in the future.

While approvals from local fire officials are required before any fire sprinkler lining process can begin, fire marshals in multiple jurisdictions have already expressed interest in Nu Flow 7000, anticipating quick approval for buildings needing to rehabilitate their sprinkler systems.