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The original true cold cure UVLED

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NuFlow’s NuCure Cold Cure UV (CCUV) is the original true cold cure UV-LED system. Pro-Kanal has been supplying their Double Helix, low voltage, LED UV light core technology to the market since 2016. Combining that with NuFlow’s proprietary Cold Cure UV resins has created a powerful partnership and an evolutionary leap in light curing technology.

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The UV cold light LEDs and Precision PIP (push or pull-in-place) technology minimizes the risk of error by activating liners in place, significantly reducing time for curing, and allowing the contractor to wet-out on or off-site.

NuFlow’s NuCure is industry-leading UV technology at a game changing price.

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What Should I Know About UV Curing?


Resins used for UV curing have the same backbone as thermal curing resins; the key difference is the curing initiator. With the end-product equivalently the same, UV curing offers significant advantages by reducing potential disruption factors and increasing efficiency.


UV initiated resins do not require refrigeration for shipping and storage. Inventory management is simpler, and pre-mixed materials can be purchased at bulk discounts and used over time. When advantageous, UV cured liners can be pre-wet out and delivered to the jobsite ready for installation.


UV curing equipment generally requires less maintenance than hot water or steam generators, which can require frequent flushing and periodic descaling. UV equipment does not have comparable safety concerns and costs less than thermal curing equipment.

Field Expertise

Because the resin is activated in-place with UV light exposure, UV cured resins provide indefinite “pot life” (working time). This reduces risks from unforeseen site conditions and permits crews time to make adjustments if needed.

Varying temperature conditions do not significantly alter the required curing times for UV cured resins. There is no need to adjust the resin mixture or the curing schedule for extreme hot or cold site conditions. In addition, UV curing requires substantially less expertise because there are fewer variables impacting the quality of the liner.

Speed of Curing

UV liners cure much faster than the alternative curing methods. Whereas an ambient cure requires 8 to 10 hours of processing time and thermal curing requires 2 hours, UV curing can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. This allows operators to focus on the quality of the rehabilitation without the stress of racing against the clock. Faster curing time results in less resin slumping for a more consistent wall thickness and less resin bleed-off, wash out, emulsification, or other adverse impacts from site conditions prior to curing.

As-built Consistency

UV cured liners have a reliably dense cure that eliminates uncertainties such as flexural modulus, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, leak tightness, etc. This ensures a consistent life-cycle performance and consistently satisfied end-users.

What makes NuFlow’s NuCure the preferred UV cured solution?

Proprietary Double Helix™ Light Core Assembly

NuFlow’s unique Double Helix CCUV technology ensures light will penetrate the entire surface of the liner.

  • The Double Helix design entwines multiple LED light ropes into 3’, 10’ and 30’ CCUV light cores for curing of NuFlow’s CCUV resins. The double rope creates a redundancy to complete the cure in the event of damage to any of the integrated LED light ropes. Wyes and Tees available for lining branch connections, allowing for the full structural rehabilitation of a piping system. Click here to see a picture of the Wyes.
  • The Double Helix CCUV Light Core is inserted into the translucent inflation bladder and is connected by an umbilical to the NuCure Control Unit for installation.
  • Precision PIP installation methods enable NuCure CCUV to achieve superior liner insertion without cumbersome inversion equipment or complex robotics.
  • LED light emitters significantly lower thermal emissions and are more efficient than phosphorous bulbs used in large diameter light trains.
  • The reduced thermal emissions are a key factor eliminating the need for additional equipment and footprint such as high CFM ventilation and airdrying.

Proprietary Cold Cure Resin Technology

NuFlow’s NuCure CCUV leverages its proprietary cold cure resin technology that has many advantages over the legacy CIPP resins:

  • Shelf stable, permitting on-site wet-out or off-site pre-wet-out.
  • Long pot life together with exceptionally fast UV cure times.
  • Zero VOC avoiding nuisance odors and resident concerns at the jobsite.
  • Cures with a low-peak exothermic temperature (below 150° F) and achieve an extraordinarily high Heat Deflection Temperature [HDT], allowing for use with elevated temperature flows.
  • Cures densely within 10 to 20 minutes (based on I.D.), speeding required installation times and limiting the duration of thermal energy release.
  • Low temperatures and durations mean NuCure CCUV CIPP liners can be installed within thin walled plastic pipes, which could not be lined with other CIPP technologies.

NuCure GRP Liner Tubes

NuFlow’s NuCure GRP Liner Tubes have been engineered for performance. Seamless, radially expandable, ECR, fiberglass tubes engineered to generously conform to bends and even size transitions.

  • Precision PIP for reliably accurate placement at lower risk.
  • ECR glass for inherent corrosion resistance.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement provides a thin wall, high strength structure to avoid flow loss.
  • The Resin Protection System, consists of an integral PU outer coating, which offers high thermal stability and a removable inner calibration bladder that assists with containing and evenly distributing the resin; protecting the resin from excessive bleed-out, blow-out, wash-out, emulsification; and protecting against resin slugs.

Backed by NuFlow

Equipment and liners are backed by NuFlow’s Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty, and NuFlow also supports customers with our North American Equipment Maintenance Center.

  • Industry-leading expertise and experience, specializing in plumbing, mechanical and sanitary piping systems for over 20 years.
  • On-site training and true 24/7 job support.
  • Industry leading comprehensive training with Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master level courses covering all aspects of pipe rehabilitation projects.
  • Continuing education courses, online tutorials and unique industry-specific educational intensives.
  • Industry-leading performance at a game changing low cost of entry.