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NuFlow’s NuCure Large Diameter UV Point Repair system is modernizing
trenchless pipe repair to help contractors and municipalities maintain a reliable sewer infrastructure.

UV Point repair is an efficient and accurate way to repair pipes for a long-lasting alternative with minimal service disruption. Ideal for municipal, industrial, and commercial sewer and storm drains, the innovative process utilizes NuFlow’s NuCure Cold Cure UV technology to
ensure quick curing times and to minimize the risk of error during installation. For over 20 years, NuFlow has been a leader in world-wide pipe rehabilitation. Today, NuFlow is leveraging their experience and expertise into the large diameter sector.

NuFlow’s NuCure is industry-leading UV technology at a game changing price.


  • UV point repair for pipes 8″ to 24″ diameter.
  • Cold Cure resin formula cures densely within minutes up to 7mm thickness while speeding installation times. The shelf stable epoxy allows for wet out on or off-site.
  • The Resin Protection System consists of an integral PU outer coating, which offers high thermal stability and a removable inner calibration bladder to contain and evenly distribute the resin; protects the resin from excessive bleed-out, blow-out, wash-out, and emulsification; and guards against resin slugs.
  • Optional glass reinforced material with UV protectant coating allows installers to handle the liner in direct sun.
  • GRP liner tubes are engineered for performance. Seamless, ECR, fiberglass tubes provide a thin wall, high strength structure to avoid flow loss.
  • Digital control tablet provides full process control at your fingertips. Retrieve and adjust the cable, control the packer
    inflation and deflation, turn on and off the UV LED lamps.
  • Umbilical module and cable drum allows for simple management of the integrated electrical and pneumatic conveyance system.
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  • HD wide view camera located on the packer allows the user to both identify the positioning of the repair as well as capture
    finished video and eliminate the need to have a separate crawler after completion of the repair.
  • All curing data is captured to provide full process documentation for quality assurance.
  • Packers are made of a robust silicone and are easily replaceable in the field. Packers come in four sizes: CA1 = 8″-10″, CA2 = 12″-14″, CA3 = 15″-18″, CA4 = 20″-24″
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  • Equipment and liners are backed by NuFlow’s Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty, and supports customers with our North American Equipment
    Maintenance Center.
  • Industry-leading expertise and experience, specializing in plumbing, mechanical and sanitary piping systems for over 20 years
  • True 24/7 job support.
  • Comprehensive training to ensure expertise in all aspects of pipe rehabilitation projects.
  • Continuing education courses, online tutorials and unique industry-specific educational intensives