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NuForce Pressurized CIPP


NuForce is one of the most versatile potableapproved pipe lining systems in the world, structurally repairing high pressure sewer and potable water mains in diameters from 2” to 24” NPS (50mm to 600mm) with minimal disruption.
Pressure pipes failing from age, corrosion, breaks or from leaking or displaced joints can cause massive and costly disruption and property
damage, as well as health and safety hazards.

Meets the Requirements of NSF/ANSI 61


  • High pressure pipes such as water mains
    and sewer force mains
  • Potable water pipes
  • Structural repairs to any type of pressure
    pipe system with minimal disruption
  • Designed to repair pipes under and above
    surfaces you don’t want to destroy
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BCQ 113 NuForce Pressurized CIPP

Product Overview

Designed to repair pipes under and above surfaces you don’t want to alter or destroy, NuFlow’s NuForce structurally repairs any type of pressurized potable water system pipe with minimal disruption.
Corrosion, displaced and broken joints inside pipes may produce a loss of service, inconvenience, property damage, shutdown and even millions of dollars in monetary losses.

Pipes can be put under great pressure throughout the system and any fault in the piping will be exposed over time and broken down. The effects of burst pipes can be both dramatic and devastating, including damage to property, making homes inhabitable, and even requiring municipal and road closures, leaving people without water for days.

Product Specifications

NuFlow’s NuForce Pressurized CIPP is a new generation of composite liners made of nonwoven, needle punched staple fibers reinforced with ECR fiberglass for extraordinary strength. Unlike a hose liner that is only capable of resisting internal pressure, the NuForce engineered composite offers both high burst pressure and high resistance to external loads.

Install Method Pull-In-Place. Minimal access required
Installed Wall Thickness 3.5mm – 8mm (0.138” - 0.315”), dependent on application. Ability to design thickness for job requirements i.e. low-pressure rating will require lower wall thickness.
Liner Material Composite ECR Fiberglass Reinforced Material
Diameters 2“ NPS (DN50 mm) up to 24” NPS (DN600 mm)
Length Any length can be rehabilitated.
Ability 45° & 90° bends, all bend configurations
CIPP Short-Term Modulus 650,000 psi (4500 MPa). Higher custom stiffness possible.
Maximum Temperature ≤ 140°F (60°C)
Max Work Pressure 260 PSI or 1800 KPa
Burst Pressure 400 PSI or 2800 KPa
CIPP life expectancy 50 Years
Host Pipe AC, PVC, Copper, Steel, etc
AWWA Designed according to Class III or Class IV; Structural Classifications of Pressure Pipe Linings

* In a single length. Installed length has no limit. ** Installed use. Results tested to DIN EN ISO 75-2. *** Unless otherwise stated, all technical data were determined at + 73°F (23°C) and 50% rel. air humidity. Results tested to ISO7685.

Product Benefits

  • High burst strength
  • High stiffness.
  • Higher crush and burst strength than both AC and UPVC pipes
  • 100% solids “zero shrinkage” epoxy resin
  • Designed and installed in accordance with ASTM F1216 and ASTMF1743
  • Minimal access points required and small footprint of equipment on-site.
  • Leak tight interface with the host pipe — can start and stop at any location.
  • Compatible with standard tapping bands