Pipe Renewal Rebate Program

“Renewing North America’s Private Piping Infrastructure”

NuFlow Technologies has resources and rebates available to help you save on pipe renewal:

  • Renew Existing Potable Water Systems
  • Removal of Lead Piping or Soldering
  • Restore Broken, Damaged or Root Intruded Drain Pipes
  • Upgrade Aging Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Rehabilitate Mechanical Piping Systems
  • Renew Fire Suppression and HVAC Systems
  • Protect Pipes Against Legionella
nu flow rebate program Pipe Renewal Rebate Program


Manufacturer’s Rebates Include Pipe Systems in your Home or Business

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For Your Home: Renewing the pipes within your home can ensure delivery of exceptionally clean and safe drinking water to your family, solve drain pipe blockages or cracks and ensure a long lasting fix to most pipe problems. It’s the safe alternative to repiping!

For Your Business: Keeping your business running smoothly is just one of many benefits of choosing pipe renewal over replacement. As a result, your facility can continue with regular operations without contamination, resident displacement or business closure being a factor. Pipe renewal can reduce operating expenses by allowing HVAC, potable water and other systems to run more efficiently.

Efficiency Tips: By installing NuFlow Technologies’ pipe renewal products within your existing pipes, you have made the commitment to ensure the pipes within your home or business are running safely and efficiently.

Renewing your pipes is a long-term solution to pinhole leaks, lead contamination, lead soldering, cracks, blockages and corrosion.

Green Points

  • NuFlow rehabilitates existing pipe systems from the inside – ensuring healthy and safe drinking water

  • Renewal method leaves virtually no carbon footprint on the environment – and prevents pollution to water resources
  • No digging or destruction of exterior landscapes and/or interior walls and ceilings
  • Existing systems are restored without generating landfill waste, recycling costs or carbon emissions
  • Epoxy coatings and structural lining technology are endorsed by the EPA and also professional water infrastructure engineers and experts, including a host of global, water-related agencies.
  • NuFlow lining technologies are long-term, affordable and eco-friendly

Green Rebate Program