Become a NuFlow Installer

nu drain nu line Training & Education

As the leader in the small-diameter and inside infrastructure lining industry in North America, NuFlow offers the premier training and education for epoxy piping repair installations available in the industry.

NuFlow offers multiple training resources and on-going education opportunities to ensure that your business is always prepared for whatever comes next.


Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications from 1/2” to 10” pipe. Used in host pipes consisting of clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, PVC and fiberglass.

  • On-site training to all Contractors
  • Advanced Tech Training Courses
  • Assistance and coaching with specific projects
  • Training opportunities in various segments, including corporate technicians, sales team and management
  • Training materials for your team to help them speedily implement new solutions
  • On-going training seminars on trenchless technology and NuFlow systems
As a part of NuFlow’s Start Up Kit, you will receive a one week on-site training with all expenses included.

Seminar Locations

  • NuFlow Canada Office: Oshawa, ON, Canada
    Owner Orientation Drain Technology
  • NuFlow Canada Office: Oshawa, ON, Canada
    Owner Orientation Drain Technology
  • NuFlow Canada Office: Oshawa, ON, Canada
    Owner Orientation Drain Technology

Comprehensive Training & Support

Initial Training

NuFlow offers one to two weeks of on-site training, all expenses paid, for both NuFlow’s Nu Drain Packages for non-pressurized systems and Nu Line Packages for pressurized systems.

A NuFlow Certified Technicians will come to your shop and jobsite and provide hands-on training to ensure that you and your team feel fully prepared to successfully enter the small-diameter pipe lining industry.

Additionally, NuFlow Contractors and their team members are always allowed to shadow or train with NuFlow Corporate team members on an on-going basis.

Advanced Tech Training

In addition to initial on-site training, NuFlow also offers regular Advanced Tech Training seminars on trenchless technology for working on both inside and outside of the structure.

At our Advanced Tech Training, Contractors can work with a team of highly trained NuFlow Technicians to take lining to the next level. Advanced Tech Training covers a wide range of important topics, including CIPP lining of multiple bends, vertical applications, pressure pipe lining, window cutouts and reinstating, start and stops during trenchless pipe lining, and much more.


Nu Drain Advanced Tech Training

  • CIPP lining of multiple bends
  • vertical applications
  • pressure pipe lining
  • window cutouts and reinstating
  • start and stops during trenchless pipe lining
  • much more

Nu Line Advanced Tech Training

  • thermal dynamics
  • air flow in piping systems
  • volumes
  • pressures
  • anchor tooth profiles
  • temperatures and moisture level management
  • coating thicknesses
  • various other characteristics

These training sessions will teach you all of the skills you and your team members need to know to handle multiple-sized piping configurations and various materials.

Becoming a NuFlow Contractors allows you the opportunity to become part of a strong, well-established network and an established brand while maintaining the freedom of self-employment. NuFlow is here to give you the tools you need to be successful along the way.


Marketing Support

NuFlow offers its Contractors cross-branded promotional materials from our online web store. Each Contractors also receives a welcome pack that includes hundreds of files including videos, photos, brochures, case studies and more that can be used to promote your new status as a Certified NuFlow Installer in your area.


On-Site Job Support

As an additional Contractors benefit, NuFlow also offers on-site job support for training new crews or during a project that may be above your regular scope of work.

At any time, you can contact NuFlow to schedule time with a Corporate Trainer to join your crew on the job.


Sales Support

Because of NuFlow’s natural accolades, engineers, homeowners and property managers regularly contact our Account Managers for local referrals in their area. We use this opportunity to promote our Contractors.

As an additional resource and reference manual in industry standards, we also give all Contractors the following resources:

  • Nu Drain CIPP or Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coating Operation Manuals
  • NuFlow Pipe Lining Business Model
  • Bid to Actual Calculators
  • Support Submitting Tenders