The NuFlow Difference

Our patented pipe system rehabilitation processes prevent invasive, destructive repairs by allowing you to use existing access points, as well as the host pipe, to complete the repair.

This vastly simplifies the repair process, while providing the customer with the best solution.

NuFlow Patented Technologies

NuFlow’s Nu Line patented epoxy pipe lining systems use patented technologies based on over 7,000 hours of research to provide the most advanced piping system repair solution available on the market. NuFlow products offer long-term solutions to pipe corrosion and leaks and work as a preventative measure to preserve the life of epoxy piping systems.

CIPP is an environmentally-friendly alternative to replacing failing pipes. An enhanced wet-out process helps you to reduce waste during installation with less equipment on the job site, which means less energy usage and emissions.

The most advanced CIPP method is the patented NuFlow Pull-in-place (PIP) system, found in our Nu Drain and main lining technologies.

We also offer a more traditional CIPP lining method used in our Nu Tube product called Inversion, an effective method used to repair leaks and corrosion in a variety of pipe materials.

The Inversion method is used in situations where it is more effective and efficient than the NuFlow pull-in-place method.

NuFlow Benefits

  • Approximately half the cost of a traditional repipe
  • Epoxy coating/liner separates the flow of water/waste/gas from touching the pipes
  • Nonintrusive and nondestructive technologies
  • No business shutdown or tenant/resident displacement
  • No messy, inconvenient or unsafe demolition
  • An effective long-term solution

Business Consulting

For those who would like assistance in maximizing your business functions and addressing the challenges that come with piping systems repairs, NuFlow offers consulting services that covers all major categories of business management, from project assessment to employee education and even financial management.

Are you looking for CIPP lining, sewer lining equipment or pipe repair solution? Contact us today to learn more.

Product Offerings

NuFlow offers structural lining systems, main lining systems, and epoxy coatings and sewer lining equipment that can be applied using a variety of methods for restoration purposes, as well as pipe capacity restoration services.