Nu Flow Kits

Lateral Lining Kits

Both user-friendly and easy to install, Nu Flow’s lateral lining products allow you to remotely fix damaged pipe anywhere in the line. All Nu Flow products can conveniently be installed via the clean out. This added convenience will save valuable time and resources, allowing you to increase the amount of clients you service daily.

Below is a comprehensive list of the components needed for a lateral re-line:

  • Air Compressor Cutter / Harness
  • Mini Camera
  • Elastic Fasteners
  • Plastic Drop Sheets
  • Wet out bin
  • Carry bin
  • Clevises*
  • Swivels*
  • Inversion End*
  • Air Intake End *
  • Winch

  • Winch Cable
  • 2-Way Radios
  • Epoxy Resins*
  • Catalyst*
  • Felt and Bladder*
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Air Gauge Hose
  • Air Supply Hose
  • Hose Clamps*
  • Plastic Rollers
  • Rope

* Included with initial start-up kit

Nu Flow’s Plumbers’ Rehab Kit

The Nu Flow Plumbers rehab kit allows plumbers to remotely repair damaged underground pipe without the need for digging.

To use, attach the Nu Flow Repair Bladder to your Nu Flow harness, designed to fit most industry standard mini cameras.

Next, wet out your Nu Flow repair patch, position the bladder over the damaged pipe, inflate, and cure. Allow curing period of 40 minutes before retrieving the bladder.
Using a relatively inexpensive unit, you can complete this portion of the service throughout the clean out, allowing for a fast and high return on investment.