gtrfe Lead Pipe Rehabilitation Program

NuFlow Serline is the faster and more affordable way to safer drinking water.

The Serline process is faster and costs less than conventional pipe replacement, the 2-hour cure time means same day return to service, and a comprehensive audit trail provides quality assurance and peace of mind.

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The Serline process features a NuFlow-developed polyurethane-polyurea hybrid resin. The flexible resin coats the inside of lead pipes, creating a barrier between the lead pipe and the water. The resin also spans small defects, thereby reducing leakage and improving pressure and flow characteristics. 

More than 13,000 lead service lines worldwide have been rehabilitated using the Serline process.

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Standard
  • Low toxicity, aliphatic polyisocyanate based composition
  • Polyurethane/polyurea hybrid, no corrosive constituents
  • Quick curing time; pipes return to service after 2 hour
  • Projected lifespan of 50 years+
  • Suitable for diameters as small as 1/2″ ID
  • Scientifically engineered for optimal application in lead pipes

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Automation, Repeatability, and Traceability


The Serline process cleans and lines pipes with a single rig utilizing a computer-controlled air vortex system designed to remove human error from the process. The pipes are cleaned by introducing a mildly abrasive aggregate into the air vortex, cleaning and smoothing the inside surface of the pipes. A measured volume of resin is then introduced into the system, through a process that is fully automated to maintain quality control.

No disruption to other utility service lines
Apply to a variety of pipe materials
Operators assessed and certified by independent 3rd party
Rig independently certified prior to each contract


The process is driven by a state-of-the-art computer controlled and monitored system. Air flow, temperature, moisture content, pressure, weight, time duration, and other values are pre-programmed and calibrated based on the diameter of the service line, the length of the line, and the coating material being applied. The system will only start the coating process when all conditions have been met, and any variances that arise will sound an audible alarm and prevent or interrupt the lining process until all parameters are within established limits.

System ensures even thickness and lining coverage
Automated application ensures consistent application
Cleaning and lining take about 15-20 minutes per service line
10+ service lines completed per crew/day


Computerized reports of each lining are available immediately after application and can be automatically sent to stakeholders (water district, engineers, project manager, etc.). This report tracks all actions completed during the rehabilitation process, with a time and date stamp per activity:

Specific site address
► Length, diameter and type of pipe being treated
► Flow rate before and after cleaning
► Temperature of pipe material
► Rig and operator identification numbers
► Amount of resin applied


The Serline solution was developed in conjunction with utilities in order to provide safe application in a timely manner. Excavations and decommissioning, lining, and recommissioning can be handled by separate teams maximizing the number of linings per day, and the two-hour return to service time minimizes disruption to consumers.

drop Lead Pipe Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitating LSLs with the Serline solution can be three times faster and cost 1/3 less than replacement.

 Case Study

NuFlow’s parent company Aquam undertook an ambitious program of in-place lead service pipe lining for Yorkshire Water in Rotherham, United Kingdom. The project rehabilitated pipes at 1,000 properties and included over 3,000 linings. Most impressive of all, the project was completed in just 14 weeks – that’s 3 times faster than pipe replacement and for half the estimated cost.

Crews worked ahead of the lining teams, excavating and decommissioning lines. They also set up water bypass lines to maintain water service. After the lining, a second crew followed up, flushing, recommissioning, backfilling and making repairs. The “assembly line” system maximized efficiencies and enhanced the speed of the project.

  • Properties improved: 1,000+
  • Lead pipes lined: 3,000+
  • Project duration: 14 weeks
dfFrame 2 Lead Pipe Rehabilitation Program

Mobile unit, no trailing hoses, compliant with local regulatory restrictions

Lined small-diameter service lines as thin as 0.47in in diameter

Achieved 10–12 linings/crew per day

Instant electronic audit documentation and quality assurance for each pipe lined: Resin batch, Volume applied, Lining timings, Temperature, Rig settings