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Epoxy Barrier Coating Technology

Main lining products have become an integral part of “inside” infrastructure market. Nu Flow’s Nu Main uses our patented “pull-in-place” method for easy application and little to no disruption or damage.

Nu Main offers everything needed to become a successful CIPP lining company.

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Nu Main Product Methods

Nu Flow’s main lining product, Nu Main, uses the same patented cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) method as our other products – Nu Line and Nu Drain. There are so many benefits to this type of pipe restoration. If you are having issues with water mains whether it’s corrosion, back ups, and/or slow flow rates, Nu Flow has a solution that is far more economical and much less of a hassle than having the main replaced.

Nu Main has an easy application process that needs only one entry point and one exit point. So any landscaping, driveways, sidewalks, or other obstructions will not need to be torn out or removed. They remain untouched throughout the process. Also, daily activities are not affected.

The water main is cleared of any debris; corrosion, tree roots, or other obstructions until there is a smooth interior surface that is then prepared to hold the thin yet durable epoxy lining. Before the lining is applied a felt liner soaked in epoxy is pulled into place inside the main. Next, a rubber bladder or balloon is expanded inside the felt liner and using consistent air pressure the epoxy adheres permanently to the inside of the main, forming a new main inside the original. What makes CIPP application superior to others is that it can be used through 45° and 90° angles. Not all application can do that. You can also line specific sections as opposed to the entire main.

Nu Main has everything you need to become a successful CIPP lining company. Our system is portable so you can take it anywhere. Call us today and find out how Nu Main and our other Nu Flow products will help you improve your business.