Nu Patch

For quick spot repairs on piping systems, Nu Flow offers Nu Patch Spot Repair Kits and Mainline Sectional Repair Systems.

Spot Repair Kit

Nu Flow’s Nu Patch Spot Repair Kit allows any technician to remotely repair damaged underground pipe without digging or disrupting property.

This repair kit offers a simple, handy solution for lateral spot repairs.

To perform a quick repair, attach the Nu Flow repair bladder to your Nu Flow harness, which fits any mini camera easily. Then wet out the Nu Flow repair patch, position the bladder over the damaged pipe, inflate and cure.

resinproduct Nu Patch

Mainline Sectional Repair System

Designed for pipe 8″ to 12″ in diameter, Nu Flow’s Mainline Sectional Repair System is lightweight and easy to store. It comes as a complete kit, including a disposable bladder.

To use, wet out the Nu Flow repair bladder, pull it into the pipe, inflate and cure.

Mainline Sectional Repair system offers flow-through capabilities and is available in variable lengths.

NuPatch mainline Nu Patch