Water Heating

The Water Heating instant hot water unit from NuFlow cures connections and laterals in less than one hour, enabling you to install more liners within a shorter period of time.

This Water Heating unit can also withstand cold weather installations and can cure effectively within 2 hours.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to fill at least 5 gallons per minute
  • Completely adjustable temperature from 100 degrees F to 185 degrees F by touch pad
  • Connects to water fittings directly
  • Comes with the regulators and flow control valves for filling, regulating and “blow off with air”
  • Can be shut off with the push of a button in order to start the cool down of the liner
  • All on a compact storage cart that will hold a small propane tank and 100 feet of hot water hose
  • For best results, a minimum of a 60 LB. propane tank should be used
  • Cart is 28” wide and on wheels
  • Will easily pass through doorways for relocating close to the access point
  • When set on the highest temperature, it can be used to reform normal epoxy liners
  • Includes drain valves and fittings to help drain all of the pipes, protecting it from damage caused by freezing

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